Leikeli47 completes the ‘Beauty Series’ Trilogy with her ‘Shape Up’ Album

Leikeli47 completes her 'Beauty Series' Trilogy with the release of her much anticipated third album 'Shape Up'.

Leikeli47 has just released her much anticipated third album Shape Up– the finale to her “Beauty Series” triology. Shape Up is the perfect end to this series considering it sums up everything her previous works represent while she also makes a comeback better than ever. 

Born Hasben Jones, Leikeli grew up in Brooklyn and at one point lived in Bed-Stuy, home of hip-hop legends such as Jay-Z along with her personal favorite The Notorious B.I.G. After releasing two mixtapes titled LK-47 Parts 1&2 she made her major label debut with RCA in 2015 with her self-titled EP. With RCA’s roster including notable artists such as Alicia Keys and Childish Gambino, to the most recent Doja Cat, Flo Milli, Latto, and Saucy Santana, this was a big move for Leikeli and provided her an opportunity to showcase her talent as a producer and writer.

A Rapper in her own lane

Leikeli has always stayed in her own lane in terms of the sound she produces, giving you extremely catchy and danceable tracks with playful beats while successfully retaining her aggressive attitude in her delivery. It’s safe to say over time she has used her diva demeanor and immense amount of sass as her secret weapon while also bringing a whole new edge to those words. This can be seen on her first two albums of the “Beauty Series,” Wash & Set released in 2017 and Acrylic released in 2018- a series inspired by beauty salons which she has described as “safe havens” for women in the black community. Throughout these projects she sticks to the theme while exuding confidence that is highly contagious to those who listen, so it’s clear why Shape Up was very much anticipated.

The lead single “Zoom” was released back in August of 2020 then nearly a year and a half went by until another release was put out which was the well known “Chitty Bang” in January of this year. She went on to release the next two singles, “BITM” and “LL cool J,” along with the announcement of the official album release which she recently spoke about stating:

Shape Up truly feels like my first album. It’s the craziest feeling. I feel like this is my first time out and no one knows me. I’m finally about to embark on a journey where I’m diving into my fans and they’re diving into me. It’s a fun process.”

Leikeli47 speaking about the release of her ‘Shape Up’ Album

This album resonates perfectly with what she expressed and it truly sounds like the album she’s always wanted to make therefore, even though fans were kept waiting it was clearly worth the wait.

Shape Up couldn’t be a more fitting name for this project as you can hear her “glow up” as an artist and you can feel her confidence now more than ever. The 14 track album has a range of variety from the beats and rhythms to her flow and vocals-resulting in each song having their own distinct sound.

1. Chitty Bang

She opens the album with “Chitty Bang” that consists of an extremely catchy hook and fun sound but that doesn’t underestimate her tone and message throughout the track. She comes in hot with:

“Back again up in this motherf*cker. 

Entertainment for you motherf*ckers. 

Come for my Ms, you’ll get this double, double. 

Four-four straight to your bubble. 

In this game because I love the trouble.”

‘Chitty Bang’, Leikeli47

2. Secret Service

“Secret Service” is the perfect follow up from “Chitty Bang” and is a fitting track for someone who knows exactly who they are and who continues to be their unapologetic selves. The chorus has an extremely memorable sound and a message that will give anybody the confidence they need.

“See that’s how you get my money like me.

Look around-tell me what you see.

I do my steph, steph, steph curry pulling up from thirty.

Ref lookin at me like dam you did em dirty.

When you too fly

Sittin on the corner

Do ya dance like

You don’t even know ‘em.”

‘Secret service’, leikeli47

3. New Money

“New Money” is the next track which gives off “new money, new attitude” vibes as she reminds listeners she never fails at bringing something new to the table, while also incorporating notable beauty and fashion bars that coincide with the beauty salon theme.

“How many times can we applaud the same routine. 

Man I think it’s time we edit out your scene. 

They say Leikeli, can you tell us your regime. 

I say the only method man is that I chase the f*ck’n cream. Uh. 

Big thangs with my girlsmane. 

Mikimoto we the pearl gang. 

Paired up with some bamboos, nike socks and some jimmy choos.”

new money, leikeli47

4. LL Cool J

“LL Cool J” aka “Ladies Love Cool Jewelry” is suitably next as she expresses the kind of men that catch her eye on top of this early 2000’s hip-hop beat similar in sound to Lil Mama’s “Lip Gloss.” 

“Wish you could see how you shining with that white tee on. 

See that’t the type of sh*t that really turns me on. 

And to you silly hoes out here still tryna linger. 

You can’t find him cus I got him wrapped ‘round my finger-bling.”

‘ll cool j’, leikeli 47

5. Zoom

The well known “Zoom” is to follow with an undeniably catchy sound while she reminds people who she is.

“I ain’t the type a b*tch to do a lotta barkin’. 

And the only thing I need validated is my parkin’. 

I’m from the backstreet, boy where it’s very rare we link. 

And if you sing the wrong note we’ll put your ass NSYNC.”

‘zoom’, leikeli47

6. Done Right

She then switches up the sound with “Done Right” where she expresses having no problem fulfilling needs and expects the same in return. She slows it down and brings a new vibe to the album while showcasing her vocals and introducing her vulnerable and intimate side which will continue to be expressed on later tracks.

“You been talking in my ear all night/yeah. 

Dancing on me, holding me tight/yeah. 

I’m in the mood and I’m feeling alright/yeah. 

But if you do it, Ima want it done right/yeah.”

‘done right’, leikeli47

7. Free To Love

Leikeli gets even more vulnerable on the next track “Free To Love” where she reflects on letting go of the person who betrayed her trust and love.

“I thought I had me a soldier we was two seeds in the dirt. 

Tryna come up roses, what/this shit hurt. 

And it’s like I told you so, ima let you go just like I’m supposed to baby you free.”

‘Free to love’, leikeli47


“BITM” short for B*tch I’m The Man, is a great reminder after a song like “Free To Love.” She quickly jumps back to embodying her diva demeanor-as if her heartbreak made her stronger, alongside a beat that will allow listeners to jump right back with her.

“I did not skip any steps. 

I did not miss one time yet. 

My jump shot is f*cking wet. 

Mamba mentality set. 

I’m designing my own lane. 

Now, b*itch, you go do the same. 

If you still don’t understand, let me break it down again. 

B*tch I’m the man.”

‘bitm’, leikeli47

9. Baseball

In “Baseball” she continues to display her vocals while expressing her qualifications in a man and making sure her needs are satisfied. Based on the sound of this track the placement would’ve been more fitting between “Done Right” and “Free To Love,” but she still delivers nonetheless. 

“Getting on base is not good enough. 

You need to hit a home run, run, run. 

I’ll give you a practice swing to get you loosened up. 

Hold up. 

You need to take another one, one, one/boy.”

‘Baseball’, leikeli47

10. Carry Anne

“Carry Anne” brings it back to the “BITM” energy as she acknowledges her worth and makes certain that any man who crosses her path is on the same page with the opening verse:

“If they don’t pay your bills, pay them no mind. 

Move on to the friend if he wasting time. 

He calling again, then b*tch hit decline

Cus when they forget then you must remind.”

‘Carry anne’, leikeli47

Along with the closing verse:

“24 karats all up in my hydro. 

Mention my name all the real girls know. 

I’m like an exclusive sneaker coming through the speaker. 

They line up to come see the show, a natural born killa 

But I’ma need spike to direct my thriller. 

Girl 47 aka Carry Anne. 

VA to BK we back again.”

‘Carry anne’, leikeli47

11. Jay Walk

The sass is elevated to a whole new level on the following track “Jay Walk,” featuring the one and only Miss Jay Alexander from America’s Next Top Model, where they righteously state, “You know, a good walk can be a first degree offense.”

“Kicking up the dirt as I pull up my skirt. 

When I walk by b*tch they all on alert. 

Chat to my back, in my face they revert. 

‘Round table hoes, I just eat them for dessert.”

‘Jay Walk’, leikeli47 ft miss j alexander

12. Hold My Hand

Leikeli takes it back to her vocals and vulnerable side in “Hold My Hand” with a touching message that would’ve beautifully fit as an outro. This song demonstrates the strength in putting your guard down and the need of having someone by your side during dark and troubled times.

“Life is getting out of order, people can’t be free. 

And a big storm is coming I guarantee. 

There’s nowhere to hide, there will be nowhere to run. 

Let’s just wait for the rain and the rays of the sun.”

‘hold my hand’, leikeli47

13. Get The Riches

“Get The Riches” is the second to last track which summarizes her message and tone throughout the album as well as speaking on her money driven mentality.

“Melatonin all in yo tone and, my flow more like a lion at the mouth foaming. 

And I’m getting richer. 

A** thicker than a snicker. 

Ain’t had a hiccup since I left that n****.”

‘get the riches’, leikeli47

14. Instant Classic

The album closes out with the bonus track “Instant Classic” letting the listeners know who they’re dealing with. This song perfectly ties into the comment she made regarding this feeling like it’s her first time out and you can tell she’s just getting started. 

“Percy Miller. I’m so thriller. 

Only competition is the man in the mirror. 

Running this shit, hopping in and out of sprinters.

A bitch slimmer, but I’m still the breadwinner.”

‘instant classic’, leikeli47

With the chorus to close it:

“What the damage. 

What the plan is. 

I call the pilot I don’t check the baggage. 

We living lavish smoking that cabbage. 

You looking at a instant classic.”

‘instant classic’, leikeli47

The ‘Beauty Series’ is officially concluded

Overall Shape Up demonstrates everything that was great about the first two projects of the “Beauty Series” trilogy while advancing those elements and allowing you to get a sense of her growth. This is easily her best work to date and it’s clear why as she has stated, “Shape Up is the defining moment where it all just made sense. I looked at the things that didn’t fold me and I just said, “I’m here.”

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Leikeli47 completes the ‘Beauty Series’ Trilogy with her ‘Shape Up’ Album

Leikeli47 completes her 'Beauty Series' Trilogy with the release of her much anticipated third album 'Shape Up'.

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