Ché Noir – Bless The Food Lyrics

Lyrics to "Bless The Food" by Ché Noir.

Talking interlude (Ché Noir):

You know, people always ask me, what’s the key to success. What’s my key to success. I’m just telling ’em, it’s simple as prayer and God, hard work, perseverance. It’s all food for thought. But you know, before you eat, you gotta bless the food. Right? Everything I ever prayed for, I got it, 

Verse 1 (Ché Noir): 

Look, tattoos on my ribs of Bible scriptures,

I always knew what God had for me, 

but I’m still fighting Demon shit like mortal combat to me, 

Fuck friend I need more shooters,

My losses turned me in to a sore loser, 

cut from a different cloth,

You a poor booster,

Can’t see my worth unless you know me well, 

From a lonely hell, to make it out, was the holy grail,

Responsibilities placed on us, we was only 12, 

Missing school to babysit your siblings and doing ponytails, 

I keep a speaker, a pair of jeans and sneaker to reach my dreams, 

But because of my ambition, I don’t sleep in peace, 

I got dreams and visions, my passion poet, 

But it’s tricky when your ambition, don’t match your focus.

Murder was my obsession, and nurture was not the message, 

Harder of a sinner with thoughts of a devil with God’s complexion. 

They tell me Ché, fix your appearance and shop for dresses, 

Biggie lyrics, but in the mirror it’s Pac’s reflection, 

Yeah, these rappers can’t get the crown until we give up,

Never trust a team member that always agree with you,

Or a grown ass woman that’s trying to beef with you, 

Or a 40 plus, still trying to be street nigga,

I was school for this back when the biggest rapper was Ludcaris, my pen was doing voodoo tricks. 

I cut ’em off, held a grudge, I won’t lose my grip, 

Kept my foot 10 toes, rather I lose or win.


The voice of the people, stuck with no choices that’s legal, 

Disgusted and hurt by the way the system poison my people,

Pray to God every day cuz I enjoy what is evil, 

So used to drama in my life, so I destroy what is peaceful, 

Only thing we strive for is a comfortable living,

I come straight up out the struggle so my hunger is different, 

Turn my struggle to a hustle, but build the empire from it,

Turn my struggle to a hustle, build an empire from it – right? 

Talking outro (Ché Noir): 

“Yeah. It’s real. You know, I would say even before I quit it, I, I realized it’s getting real because I quit it and didn’t put no two weekend nothing. I just was like, I know this was before “The Thrill of the Hunt Two” came out. So I was like, oh I know this is this probably going this going do something for me. And I got tired of like, I, I, I done had a million jobs like on and off just finding jobs, quitting, finding jobs, getting fired. But I don’t know. I came, like I had this thing in my head. Like it was like a month before it’s supposed to come out. I was like, this, this odd, this gonna change my life. It’s gonna do something for me. So I just took that leap of faith and I quit.” 

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Ché Noir – Bless The Food Lyrics

Lyrics to "Bless The Food" by Ché Noir.


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