No Ghostwriter Live Launch Event Press Statement

Event Title: NO GHOSTWRITER LIVE: An Evening of Rap and Hip Hop Culture

Event Date: 15th September 2021.

Event Times: Doors for a live discussion with Clover Hope at 8 pm. Doors for Cypher and DJ are set at 10:30 pm. 

Event Venue: The Book Club, Shoreditch

Event Tickets: Available on the DICE Events App

Tickets available: 

  • Ticket to the evening (Live Discussion, Cypher/DJ Set) – £20 
  • Cypher/DJ Set + virtual Live Discussion stream ticket – £15
  • Virtual stream ticket (for discussion + cypher) – £10


Hip Hop is a man’s world where black women are marginalised and disrespected. Challenging misogyny, misogynoir and clout chasing in Hip Hop is essential.

NO GHOSTWRITER was created during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way for Founder Blessing Mukosha Park to share her passion for Nicki Minaj with the world. Since then, NO GHOSTWRITER’s online audience has reached 20K across YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. 

From producing weekly live streams and blog content to hosting events, No Ghostwriter covers all things Rap and Hip Hop; especially the hard to talk about topics like misogyny, misogynoir and clout chasing. We call ourselves No Ghostwriter to promote the idea of originality without compromise. To rap is to be confident in your truth; lettin some scrub write your lines is not what we consider authentic. No Ghostwriter celebrates Hip Hop culture with parties full of fashion, flair, dance, art and of course music. The result is a community that values authentic hip hop and its culture properly. 

NO GHOSTWRITER LIVE Event Description: 

NO GHOSTWRITER welcomes you to an innovative, immersive and educational evening of Rap and Hip Hop Culture on September 15th, 2021 at The Book Club in Shoreditch.

NO GHOSTWRITER is on a mission to emphasize the skill of writing and rapping bars without a ghostwriter. As a black women-led collective, NO GHOSTWRITER is excited to be providing a space dedicated to recognising the vital contributions that women rappers have made to Hip Hop culture. 

In line with the theme of women’s contributions to Hip Hop, the event will begin with a live discussion on the Future of Women in Hip Hop hosted by NO GHOSTWRITER Founder, Blessing Mukosha Park. Blessing will be in conversation with Clover Hope, a writer and editor based in Brooklyn. Hope is author of ‘The Motherlode: 100+ Women who Made Hip-Hop’ (published by Abrams Books) and has written for Vibe, Billboard, XXL, GQ, Elle, Wall Street Journal Magazine, the New York Times, WIRED, ESPN The Magazine, Essence, and Village Voice, among other publications. She co-wrote Beyoncé’s 2020 film Black Is King and is currently contributing editor for Pitchfork. 

The live discussion will be followed by a Rap freestyle cypher and a curated Hip Hop mix by DJ and Presenter Sav Sounds.  

We would like to welcome you into this space where we will celebrate Rap and Hip Hop art and culture, free from misogynoir, clout chasing and focused on skillful lyrical performance. 

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No Ghostwriter Live Launch Event Press Statement

Event Title: NO GHOSTWRITER LIVE: An Evening of Rap and Hip Hop Culture Event Date: 15th September 2021. Event Times:

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