Budman Sprouts In Unlikely Arena

There are stars in all arenas of the world.

Not just in real arenas like the Olympics or the Playoffs, but also telearenas like in film where we get celebrities. But today we get to see stars everywhere. Instagram stars, twitter-famous people, and now tik tok. Each of these apps produces quite specific stars; obviously based on your own proclivities you are aware of the ones you’re aware of. Being a hip-hop head I get to see a lot of underground and grassroots music being produced on all venues; though it’s rare I see the same unique thing twice. 

Budman is an unassuming young adult with a pretty clean record of face-value rap. In the time of high hats and mumble rap we see a glimmer of hope in young Budman. The Gen-Z rapper has found a plentiful niche with his punchy bars and bouncy vibe. It helps that he can express clearly, without saying, that he doesn’t give a fuck about image – just bars. His bars are personal and sometimes embarrassing, not like a judgy embarrassing but like a vulnerable embarrassing, and powerful. 

The guy’s got over 3 MILLION likes and over 300K followers on his tik tok account alone, and Spotify shows 41 thousand monthly listeners. These are steps to stardom and he’s got the right boots. With an artist as creative and concerned with creativity as Budman, the rise is only about time.

My favorite line off his new single “Missing Poster” is “how many times will i ask you to leave / how many times are you gonna come back / how do you feel putting back on your jeans / next time just think about that.” 

I think he captures a very specific sort of emotion that people in their 20s are feeling right now. The age of information, sustainability and activism, but we can’t hold down a relationship. Maybe it’s the fear of sticking with something for so long that it goes bad, maybe it’s the fear of being in something that’s really serving a temporary fix, or maybe he’s just talking about unrequited love. 

I like to think it’s all of those things and more. Trying to understand what he’s talking about isn’t really the goal here, it’s moreso the feeling the content provides. 

His stoic expression seems purposeful in his videos, he’s not trying to impress you with flashy videography, chains and cars, or even out-of-the-box expressions. He’s just got his life and his pen, and really that’s what hip hop is at its core. 

Like a real bud man, he seems to know how to ground these high flying emotions. Authentic, at times hilarious, and just starting out, Budman may not be the next Lil Nas X but he’s a refreshing hopeful in the world of rap. 

Check him out on Spotify and Tik Tok. Keep an eye on this guy y’all, he’ll be sproutin out shows in a city near you soon, I hope.

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  • Douglas Schwartz, August 16, 2021 @ 2:19 pm Reply

    Way to go CUZ! BUDMAN Rocks!!

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Budman Sprouts In Unlikely Arena

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