Maliibu Miitch ain’t nothin to fu*k wit

Born in North Carolina but raised in the Bronx, Maliibu Miitch brings a fresh and unphased attitude to the rap game.

Jennifer Jade Robert, known professionally as Maliibu miitch, is a Bronx rapper with an impressive catalog filled with catchy bars, hooks and thought-provoking content. Born in North Carolina, she moved to the Bronx at 3 and started her career by freestyling in between ciphers around the neighborhood, solidifying her game and treating it like a hobby until people started recognizing her talent. 

The up and coming rapper is no stranger to the music industry at large, as she signed her first record deal in 2011 with Ruff Riders, co-signed by Swizz Beatz. At the age of 21, miitch became independent and started her own all-female-ran label, a few months later she released her EP titled Hood Foreign. She then proceeded to sign a deal with major label Island Records just before landing a deal with Atlantic Records during the year 2017. While miitch has had her fair share of record deals, it seems her return to independence is coming with a sense of purpose; her lyrics are more intentional and show the graceful power of an experienced lyricist. 

After leaving Atlantic, she continues to thrive as an independent artist and has dropped two singles that were both well received by critics. Critics love her recently released song, I like what I like as it boasts witty, catchy and well-written lyrics that inspire a cold but calculated fury of independence and choice. The production is hard-hitting and complements her commanding, braggadocios and competitive voice. 

It is rare to find an artist with such virtuosity, she writes her own lyrics, has run through the gamut of industry and is still passionate about her message. Though the Bronx rapper is not yet a household name, she did receive a coveted co-sign from Nicki Minaj, who even asked miitch to join her on her Queen Radio Show on Apple Music

Over the years Malibu miitch’s voice has been compared to females such as Lil Kim and Foxy Brown, which isn’t totally off as she stated in interviews that she does draw some inspiration from them. Though listeners and fans might see her resembling canonical female rappers of the past, she stated in an interview that she grew up listening to 50 Cent.  She even went on to say that he changed her whole perspective on the world and basically changed her entire life. 

It’s easy to see where the 50 influence comes out, her lyrics and flow are so tight and powerful much like that of 50 who might seem to just be spitting at first, but taking a second look at both you see a clear throughline of fury, independence, and zeal for life and its battles. She’s just as lean as he is but beautifies everything in her own way, from sound production to image. Miitch doesn’t take unnecessary time to let you know what’s on her mind. 

Miitch is one of the very few women in rap pushing their pen and as a result always tries to push the envelope for women in rap to do the same. Though rap has grown to become a mainstream genre, it’s most talented artists will continue to shine through. Miitch is exemplifying rap through her independence, being authentically herself is what rap is all about; especially in a world that forces people into boxes. 

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Maliibu Miitch ain’t nothin to fu*k wit

Born in North Carolina but raised in the Bronx, Maliibu Miitch brings a fresh and unphased attitude to the rap game.